Quitting Linux...

Wow... It's been quite the journey. About 2 months ago I 'quit' Windows 10. I installed Manjaro XFCE on my laptop, and KDE Plasma on my desktop. I've distro-hopped quite a few times (I've tried Ubuntu, Elementary, and a couple of others), but every time I've ended up installing the same two OS's. My experience has been awesome; the pros including customization, the freedom, the control, and the fast startup times just to name a few. Obviously I've had to deal with numerous driver issues or various Wine or Proton issues being somebody who plays a lot of games, and I've always just overcome them (after sometimes hours of dedication). However, there are a few titles that simply won't run on my PC no matter what I do, and I've come to the point where I'm going to install Windows on my system again. For example, COD WW2 refuses to open, and after days of research and fiddling I've found no solution. I know if I install Windows 10 on my computer to play games, I'll also want Discord, and also therefore OBS to record funny gameplay, and thus it would be a pain to Dual Boot for other tasks. The reason I opened this thread is not to complain and whine, but simply to ask if any body has any advice or information that will convince me to not install Windows on my PC. I know it's a crazy and wierd request, but It would be very sad to leave the wonderful linux environment and community...

EDIT: After a four month haeitis from this forum, I've come back to read the responses. Just in case you're curious, I ended up sticking with Manjaro and I'm happy with my decision!


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Well, if you want to sell your soul to the masters of proprietary software, just so you can play COD: SJW2, go ahead, I won't stop you :smile:


It’s your PC mate, do with it what works best for you... It has no impact on myself or anyone else here. If you feel you need windows, then use windows. Good luck with it :+1:


Linux isn't always the answer. If gaming is who you are, then that's totally up to you. I would personally still dual boot and only use Windows for the games you need. But, if you look at where gaming was 5 years ago, to where Linux is today, it's many magnitudes better. We may just be a few years away from making your wishes a reality. Maybe we're not, and you just need to accept that choosing to play games that only work on Windows is the same as choosing to buy an xbox, or a playstation. You're still confined to games that work on those consoles, and many games work on both, as well as Windows/Linux. You have the freedom to choose Linux, or not. I don't think anyone here would be upset if you went to Windows, much like if you said you were heading over to Fedora, or any other distro. Enjoy Windows, and good luck!


If dual-boot would be a pain, install W10 on a dedicated drive to avoid gobbling up the vast amount of space it would need on a partition, allowing you to have plenty of space for your Linux stuff. Boot via BIOS (F8 or whatever it is for your system).


my better-half still has win7 to play some games

she has dual boot with Win7 and Manjaro XFCE on 2 separate drives
if she ever wants to drop either OS, i remove one of the drives


Storage is cheap now, a good idea!


I have installed Windows and Linux parallel for a long time now.


It's up to you. If you play many games, especially new games, i recommend to use windows, all games i play, work well on linux through proton or wine staging

I decided to simply skip games that don't run on Linux, and my next computer will be single-boot only. I might miss a few good games, but then there are still hundreds of working games available...


it's temperamental as hell on Windows too so not surprised it won't run on Linux. I don't suppose you tried forcing steam play and proton?

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I do gaming on a PS4, having only strategy games that I run via steam like Civilization.

I'm an avid gamer and I am also completely tired of Windows 10 and its constant bs. My reasoning is, if I have to constantly fiddle with weird issues, bugs, things out of my control, things that install on their own, weird notifications ("would you recommend Windows 10 to a friend or colleague?"), and so on, I'd rather do it on a free OS that won't spy constantly on me on top of giving me constant issues. But Linux is not good for gaming, period. I have issues with alt-tabbing, inconsistent performance, incompatibility, and Wine is too much of a hassle to set up and use (and I assume that games running in Wine will take a huge stability hit, considering that many games aren't that stable on Windows to begin with, even legit games bought from Steam crashed or had weird problems from time to time, especially the ones I bought on day one which is why I never buy anything on day one anymore and always wait for early adopters to beta test the games before I buy).

Since I'm not giving up my PC Gaming, I decided that I could not abandon that trainwreck of an OS and dual boot. For web browsing, work related things, multimedia, and everything else, I boot into Linux, for games and nothing else I boot into Windows. I have removed all of my personal stuff from the Windows install and moved it to Ext4 partitions, I don't even care about Windows Update or anything on Windows anymore because I have nothing on it, just games and emulators (for very important games I do backup the saves though).

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That's what I did for nearly 10 years.
But I'm now way too fed up with dual-booting. It's so annoying.

Luckily, most of my games work well, some even perfectly, on Linux. Either native, with Proton, or Wine/lutris. Most of them do not even need special configuration.
Performance is good for almost all of them.

Games that do not work at all simply don't get played anymore. Drastic solution, but still better than dual-boot.


Don't let a few games determine which os you use. There are probably Apple games that do not run on Windows (probably). That does not mean you have to buy an Apple. It is just perspective.

There are plenty of games on Linux that you can waste countless hours on. It is not like you are going to play COD WW2 every day for the rest of your life.

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What are your annoyances with dual boot? I rationalized it as if Windows was another game game console, just like I need to boot my PS4 or my Switch or one of my older console, if I want to play Windows games I boot into Windows on my PC.


Wise words.

If a subset of this community's members think like me - having to reboot your system to do something else - is annoying - I don't do gaming - never had but the annoyance having to reboot the system to work with Visual Studio 20xx made the choice to run Windows in virtual computer easy.


for a while i ran a pintsize machine that was on all the time for web and email and fired up the big gaming rig when i wanted to play, with a physical kvm switch between them. no waiting to switch back and forth.

There's nobody watching over your shoulder standing in judgement if you want to sell your soul to the devil...you low-life, traitorous, human scum. :wink:

It's yourself you have to live with.

That, and whomever at Microsoft is watching your every keystroke.


I have dual boot for years solely for playing games on Windows.
I have a SSD though, so loading time isn't an issue.

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