quiting manjaro due to usage of closed source software

I started looking for another Arch based distro to switch to already found few great options including installing Arch.
I quit Fedora and Ubuntu for using closed code software and did same with Microsoft and Apple pre 2010, so Manjaro is sadly next one on the list, unless the decision about freeoffice is turned around or freeoffice becomes open source.

I was really enjoying this community and I am sad and sorry to say goodbye and wishing you all the best.

Regards, Myrddin

It's not even done yet, and you are leaving because of it being an option...

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A little premature, perchance? I mean, the dust has not even nearly settled yet, wrt final policy as visible to mere Manjaroos. Fwiw, I remain happy to wait & watch, & learn.


Well I said Manjaro is next on my list to quit (and I said unless decision on freeoffice is turned or freeoffice becomes open source) I removed only 2 of my installed PCs one is on TrueosBSD and portable PC is on Arch, main PC still on Manjaro (for now). I have seen many times in many other Linux Communities already similar situation and I am 99% sure freeoffice will be official part of the final ISO.
So in SHORT if / when freeoffice (closed source software) becomes part of manjaro offical ISO I officially quit and will migrate my main PC and delete all other timeshift backups from other PCs.

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I personally never used office and I never will, I was in the Fedora comm. one of the test developers and testers and I quit cause of closed source software (IBM), I have not changed my mind in 10+years about closed source software and never will (don't care about explanations) AT any cost, long live open source :slight_smile:

As a data scientist and previously software engineer and sys admin I never trusted closed source software and never will, for any reason.
Long Live Open Source Software.
Regards, Myrddin

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I'm wondering how you run steam and all those closed source games then.


bye bye


Closed-source software isn't necessarily evil. Some of it can be useful.

For example, as a data scientist have you ever used SPSS?

How many people would actually complain if Adobe made Linux-native versions of Photoshop etc.?


I just downloaded and installed Cinamon no freeofflice slill libreoffice so whats the sooking for

community editions are free to pick freeoffice. It is their own choice.

The discussion here is about the official Manjaro images with XFCE, gnome or KDE.

they need to give a install options to change in the iso

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Yeah I play steam and I believe all the games I play are open source (0ad, openra) even once that are not are old the the source code is available only age of empires red alert etc. SteamOS is the most open source option compared to XBOX and PS4 or EAs Origin etc.
I also watch Netflix,HBO and Hulu, but I do all that with the games is done on an isolated PC game / entertainment using separate router with zero access to my personal data or LAN computer with my personal data or work docs.

I know of SPSS I am from Germany and I used to work / consult for the company during the days when the used open source. For work I use Trueos BSD LaTex and R / python programming language no good data scientist uses automated software like SPSS only analyst do.

I don't care about features of freeoffice I don't want any closed source software near my personal photos, music, vidoes, work PC via lan vpn work docs or personal data.

I prefer to use GNOME and offical edition of manjaro, if it has closed source software I will install Arch with gnome problem solved.

Is this some kind of religion thing?!


Religion for me is still undecided question betweem: star wars, star trek and stargate :smiley:

I cannot comment about Adobe or Photoshop since I never used the software and I do not know what it is but if it is like dremviverfor htlm editing or text edition I am sure I won't need it I do all in latex automated formating.

After I quit windows I used MacOS for a while 10+year ago, Adobe even then did shady stuff with user analytics, cause of Adobe I moved to Fedora andUbuntu

Before comments start I moved from Ubuntu due to some similar deal with Amazon about search box using closed source software to show products to "help" users and improve experience.

With the promise of improved freeoffice features my suspisons are confirmed that it is a done deal (the decision needs to be sold to the community) and offical manjaro will have freeoffice by default with option to install on community editon. I am 89% sure of it.

Which part of my reply confirms any of this? It's literally the opposite.

Why would their be a post about advance fetures with freeoffice for manjaro if the decision to not install by default is cancelled. I was put as a manager and team leader many times to say that we will rething a decision and after the people calm down in a while we will convince them it is a good decision.

In various recent posts, & threads, i perceive a certain amount of active https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ElmerFudd.gif :wink:


Because they are not mutually exclusive.

Installation by default is a bad idea. It's not going to happen.

However, giving companies a way of getting software into Manjaro is a good idea, and it's even better if a company changes their software to work better under Linux. Everyone benefits from that.


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