Quicker alternative to x11vnc?

I have an old secondary PC and i connect to it using ssh or vnc.

The hardware is my old PC

I tried first to use TigerVnc but that didn’t work: “… connection closed …”

Now i use x11vnc, that works, but it is really slow: i can watch single characters appearing on screen when i type them :frowning:

Any tipps to speedup x11vnc or an alternative ?

In /etc/hosts.allow i typed x11vnc : All

Perhaps i have to live with that?

Ok, it is enough to ssh to this old PC to keep it uptodate!

Thanks for your tipps!

I had similar issue and I used Teamviewer which is free for private use. It works fine for me you can adjust some parameters to improve performances.

Ok, i would like to try Teamviewer but how to install on Manjaro?
There are packages: *.deb and tar.gz?!

Thanks a lot for this tipp … it works :slight_smile:

You can also try NoMachine. It’s heavier on the CPU, but it works very well, can be forwarded through ssh and doesn’t depend on a 3rd party server.

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