Questions about screens and resolutions

I plan to buy a new PC-Monitor.

My PC:
i5-13600k with iGPU only (later on, maybe NVIDIA Geeforce RTX 3060 or 4060).

I think about to buy an 32 Inch screen but I’m not sure if I should go with a 4K or WQHD.
Distance between my Screen and Eyes are ca. 1 meter.

I’ll use the Screen for every-day work (Web & App Programming) and sometimes for a bit gaming (nothing ultra-high-end so far).


  • Is 32 Inch to big for the Eye-Screen distance of 1 meter?
  • does 4k screen will show things much smaller as WQHD? Would up-scaling (KDE / Plasma) work on Manjaro fine, or will it look ugly and cause eye strain?
  • what’s about the needed GPU-Performance between 4k and WQHD?

If you have any infos or suggestion, I’ll be happy if you share it with me :slight_smile:

This is quite subjective - you will have to do your own research - go to computer stores, warehouses etc where you can see the sizes in reality.

It is for your eyes only :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sure, I know, some of the questions subjective, other not (e.g. up-scaling, needed GPU-Performance)

At least I must have a look at some screens in the store, but if I’ve prepared to be sure about technical questions, it will save much time for me and make me feel to be on topic.


Yes of course. If you divide a sheet of paper into even more checkered boxes, then there is more space, but everything becomes smaller. Simple?

Depends on how much you upscale. Just like when you enlarge an image, depending on the magnification the pixels will become visible. It becomes blurry when trying to retouch the pixels.

Not significant. But every GPU has an upper limit of supported resolutions.

Was in the store (mediamarkt / Saturn) and looked at some Screens.

I could have saved myself the time… :confounded:
they play videos with Advertisings on the screens. Totally senseless and useless.

If I like to buy an Screen for a PC it make more sense to show Excel-Sheets, Text, Websites, etc. as I want to see how does the resolution is.

Lucky me, I’ve found “one” Screen connected with a PC to play a bit with the settings. But that monitor wasn’t a 4k and even not very good quality :frowning:

Only reason why it was good to join the store was to see the different build-sizes of the screens… to compare my current size (24`) with a 32`