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I’m thinking of giving Manjaro another shot, but with Btrfs. When I booted the current ISO on a trial basis, I wanted to look in the Pamac for the Btrfs wizard and whether you can install it with Manjaro. It showed me that it was already installed (live session!). I am still used to my current distribution that the Btrfs Assistant is only available in the AUR. Well, a plus point for Manjaro. My question: So if the installation of Manjaro already comes with the Btrfs-Assistant, what about Timeshift? Can one then save the subsequent uninstalling of Timeshift? Would be the 2nd plus point for Manjaro :wink: .

I do not think that Btrfs-Assistant is pre-installed on Manjaro by default, because not everyone prefers Btrfs, but he chooses Ext4 or XFS or other fs before installing Manjaro. After the installation you can decide for yourself whether Timeshift or Btrfs-Assistant suits you.

Timeshift uses rsync no matter what linux-filesystem. Btrfs-Assistant is for Btrfs only.

At least it is included in the live session.

The packages that come with the ISO and can be used in the live environment are not 1:1 with the packages that get installed on your system. This is true for all distros.

It was requested and since @dalto is the author, of course I implemented it since he’s awesome. :grin:

I’m not sure what you’re asking. Could you rephrase that question to be more clear and concise?

Well, as far as I can remember, Tineshift is pre-installed with a new installation of Manjaro. IF but the Btrfs Assistant should be preinstalled, that would mean that Timeshift then does not come with. The question a bit more precise: What is preinstalled in a new installation, Timeshift or the Btrfs Assistant? As I said, I became aware of this when I already found the Btrfs Assistant in the application menu (Plasma) in the Live session. Sorry for the confusion …

Btw, YES, dalto is awesome!

Indeed. It’s one of the best system backup tools around.

Why? I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Your “If this then that” formula does not compute.

Btrfs Assistant is only available on the live ISO for maintenance since Ext4 is the default file system. Timeshift is also available for restoring backups.

By the way, you have words slightly out of order. What is your native language?

Well, at least that’s a clear statement. I was just therefore unclear whether the Btrfs Assistant is still present later during the installation. Problem thus solved :slight_smile: .

Hooray! We have some level of synchronicity, then. Either way, a user is free to install btrfs-assistant after installation if they so desire. :wink:

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Native language is German, I use DeepL here, so DeepL is to blame if there should be misunderstandings :wink: .

Well, we do have a Deutsch section of the forum if you prefer to use your native language. There are plenty of others around here that also are more comfortable speaking German than English. :wink:

Sounds good, I will keep it in mind.

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