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I have what is probably a dumb question and is more to satisfy my own curiosity and OCD.

In the installer when creating a user it asks for a full name and username. However when creating a user using the Manjaro Settings Manager User Accounts app it just asks for a user name. The full name does not seem to be used in many places. But It is used on the login screen where it seems odd that only one user has a full name. At least in KDE, I'm not sure about other desktop environments.

Is there a way to give a user a full name? Is the best solution to edit /etc/passwd? Is there a reason why this was not included in the Manjaro Settings Manager User Accounts app?

How would you create a user like the one the installer creates using the command line? I am a where of the Arch Wiki “Users and Groups” page. It is more I would like to know the options and/or best practices to create the exact same user. Once again this is more to satisfy my OCD.

Also, in the installer is there a way to add a second user? I look and could not find a way, but then I could be blinded.

Thank you

You can change the name in KDE systemsettings or

If you want to create a new user with full name you can use -c option:
useradd -c <full-name> <user-name>

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Here's the source: :wink:

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