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I'm currently thinking of switching to manjaro kde from ubuntu 18.04. I have a amd gpu which is gcn 1.0 and i run amdgpu drivers with the experimental support as the open source driver doesnt provide the best performance for my vulkan games. However I've heard that amd might get rid of the support for gcn 1.0 cards. If I get manjaro and install the amdgpu driver, will amd getting rid of support affect my installation after updates?

that is true on every distribution. The decision is not yet made though.

you only need to set the grub - parameters on Manjaro to activate the experimental support. amdgpu is present by default.
amdgpu-pro is not available though.

I guess I'll just install manjaro and see what happens later

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I thought the installation of oberon's package was necessary too? amdgpu-experimental, it switches the system from the radeon driver to amdgpu on hardware that would otherwise be detected as needing radeon

that one also only sets the cik/si options. Not with grub, but with modprobe.d - which is doing exactly the same:

the other part it does is enable DC, but I would not do that per default on GCN Gen1 cards as it can cause issues, too.

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