[Question] Possible Conflict for Anbox and Genymotion?

Hi, a couple of weeks ago, I installed anbox on my main system to make android work on manjaro, so I could keep continuing using the apps I needed after ditching my phone. and then, after a few setting up failures and crashes. I decided to give up on it. and move on to genymotion.

Now I have 2 Android Emulators installed, Anbox and Genymotion. So, the question, I noticed that both these emulators can have installed apps from adb through terminal, is it going to have a conflict in these 2? because of adb?

I'm afraid to uninstall anbox because it might remove some dependencies that are required by some applications.

Just remove Anbox since in OVER 80% of systems it never works, and then install Genymotion.

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is there a proper way to uninstall anbox?

Use your package manager. Or sudo pacman -Rns anbox

It won't remove dependencies from other programs

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Thanks, do you think it's ok to leave it on the system?
somehow I manage to make some apps to work.

I'm also wondering that if I install something from adb e.g "adb install ***.apk" it will install to both anbox and genymotion. is it?

So Genymotion is cloud based, no thank you.

There is a cloud based option, I'm using a Free Personal Use which is running locally. I've fully set it up for personal use.

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