Question on wiki: How-to verify GPG key of official .ISO images

Reading the Manjaro wiki documentation, option 3.2 (shown below), I get errors for the keyserver not found:


Should the Manjaro wiki documentation continue to use Phil’s key or rather the Manjaro Build Server <> key?

snippet of “How-to verify GPG key of official .ISO images”

It’s an issue with the default keyserver. If you’re brave, you can switch to the unstable branch and test gnupg 2.2.28-2.2 with patches to use

FS#71078 - [gnupg] change default keyserver due to certificate expiration this month

Once upstream makes the needed changes, we can update the wiki accordingly.

EDIT: Wiki updated.

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I’ve marked this answer as the solution as it’s the best answer you’ll get:

If you disagree, feel free to:

  • Take any other answer as the solution
  • remove the solution altogether.

You’re in control but I just wanted to ensure that when other people have the same issue, they’ll find your Q&a as the authoritative answer…


I don’t want to validate packages (well I do :slight_smile: ), but these instructions were for validating an ISO.

I’m assuming that the wiki page is for a, lets say, non-manjaro user (opensuse) interested in validating the Manjaro ISO (because they want to switch maybe :+1:). The wiki page lists specific gpg commands that use a now invalid key server.

Yes, the problem here is not gpg itself, but the wiki that explicitly sets a now defunct server as keyserver.

While the wiki does set the defunct keyserver, it is actually the same server as the GnuPG software itself sets as default. But it is still defunct.

So that line in the wiki, should just get updated to set a working keyserver.

That’s the point :slight_smile:

Even if I have defined another keyserver (I have) that command sets a non functional keyserver.

I just updated it.


Should these two sentences on the wiki page also be changed to include the Manjaro Build Server?

Sentence 1 - current

Sentence 1 - suggested change

Sentence 2 - current

Sentence 2 - suggested change

If you have some free time, items 1 and 2 should be reviewed for usability by non-Manjaro users.

For example:

items 1 & 2 - current

items 1 & 2 - suggested

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Done, except for using pamac (Manjaro installer) instead of pacman (Arch) and left out other distros as it’s the Manjaro wiki.


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