Question on VPN (IKEv2)

Completely noob here on VPN, so please forgive my ignorance …

Say i have a configuration for a Site-to-Site VPN configuration like this:

Can i create a vpn connection from manjaro for my PC to the remote network?
What client needs to be used? StrongSwan?

Please talk to your IT department, because a site-to-site connection is something different from a VPN client connection.

In a nutshell, what you’re asking is:

  • If I have something like this:

  • can I go here:


Hahaha, nice comparison :slight_smile: but yes, i am aware of that. I understand, that a site-2-site VPN connects 2 different networks with each other, and not only one PC. I have the VPN up and running with a OpenVPN server and also directly inside our Lancom router.
What i’m asking (because i don’t know), is it possible at all, to connect a single PC to a site2site VPN?

BTW: lower picture is very nice. Where is that?

  • If you have enough IP addresses to subnet another network from the network range you already have: yes, you can. (E.G. one /26 that you can subnet into two separate /27)
  • If you only have a /30: not really…

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about: No, not reaily neither…