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Good Evening.
We have normally received the upgrade to version 20.1.
But I saw that on the download page it still has version 20.0.3.
K on the OSDN page 20.1 you have it as RC4.
I’m confused and I do not know what is right.

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This represents the current status of the packages.

This represents the status of the downloadable ISO. The ISO is more than just a collection of core parts of Manjaro, it’s a collection of selected programs and therefore the dates for sharing new ISO’s are independent from updating the Manjaro repo’s. By updating you are always on the latest available versions for your branch, so no reason to worry.


Ok. Thank you very much for the prompt reply
I’m new to Manjaro and I do not think it works exactly that way,
And sorry if I put the post in the wrong category


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Manjaro is a Rolling Release, which means you can install the Distro once, and as long as you keep up with the updates, you don’t have to reinstall New Versions of the Distro.

This is different then Fixed Releases, which does new versions of the Distro every time period. Usually Six Months to once a Year. Most can do In Place Upgrades to the New Release, But you have to keep up with the updates to do this.

Conversely, if I want to reinstall Manjaro on my second computer (because I don’t like Hannah Montana Linux anymore), should I install it with the old manjaro-xfce-20…0.3? That does not really make sense for me either. There might still be some old configuration or something like that which is not completely removed by manjaro-xfce-20.1.

You will be fine, just apply the updates after you install Manjaro. Any Configuration you make will be preserved when you do the updates.

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