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I dont know that this is the correct place for this post since thee is no security thread here… I posted in the Stable update thread for the latest stable (11-19) and got no answer so thought I would ask this here…

That this happened concerns me since I use my computers (2 with Stable Manjaro installed) for financial work. I dont know that it is a security concern but given the number of packages downloaded vs the number reportedly (by pacman) installed certainly seems like it could be. Any help or information would be appreciated.

To me it sounds like you have (in the order you noted)

1: Downloaded only needed packages - maybe because you previously ran something like -Sy without upgrading. (dont do that)
2: So you have 3 extra packages available to upgrade on your system that are already in the cache
3: But due to dependencies and such, you dont actually need or are removing one.

Honestly thats just a guess, because without more information thats all I can give. :woman_shrugging:

Thanks very much for this. I did not run -Sy previously. When I saw the post on Stable about the upgrade, closed work, ctrl+alt+F2 to the terminal, then su’ed, then ran Pacman-mirrors —api --fasttrack && pacman -Syyu. What other information might I provide and from where to help resolve this.
Many thanks.

read your pacman.log :slight_smile:

yes, we had 2 updates and not only one, first was archlinux-keyring

XXX to update but, sometime package have new dependencies so 2…3 packages are installed

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Hey papajoke
You are correct. Did go back to the log and it is clarified. Many thanks for the guidance. This also helps in understanding the internal structure of pacman.
Again thank you for the help.

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