Question about manually partitioning using the graphical installer



I am trying get Manjaro installed alongside with my Windows 7 which is installed on a separate hard disk. I used the Manjaro’s gui installer and partitioned my other hard disk (a ssd which used to have Arch Linux with GRUB2 as a bootloader) as MBR with root, boot, swap and a shared ntfs partition. With this setup the installer just formatted my ssd hard disk and gave me an error. Sorry for not having the error here but it was very short dialog box with no specific information. After that the installer refused to start again so I needed to reboot Manjaro live installer.

I tried to find information about the “Flags:” that are shown when creating a new partition but could not find anything. Is there an online manual explaining the purpose of these flags or could someone explain to me if these flags are necessary for the installation I am about to perform? For example, if I want to install GRUB2 as my boot loader, should I tick some of these flags for my root partition?


I ran the installer again with same settings and it worked this time. I also realised that the flags are not staying even when selected so they must be only for displaying existing partition settings. Kind of confusing since you can interact with the check boxes.

It seems Manjaro automatically created a GRUB2 entry for my Windows 7 and it worked nicely right away. That’s cool. So everything went as intended after all!


Good to hear. :slight_smile:


Most of the flags aren’t necessary for a disk with a gpt partition type. I have a feeling the installer partitioner is intelligent enough to know when/if you select an inappropriate flag - it deselects it. Just a guess.


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