Question about display settings per user

Of my 3 monitors only 1 is enabled in the display configuration, after I login using this one users account.

If I switch to a different user they are all enabled and ordered properly, but if I switch back to the original user only one display turns on. If I try to enable a different display (for this problem user) and apply it, it looks like it is trying to apply it but then it just seems to stop and revert back to the original configuration and does not enable the monitor.

How can I persist the same layout for my monitors for my users on my computer?

Are these settings persisted in the ~.local/share/kscreen folder?


After deleting the ~.local/share/kscreen folder I was able to enable and arrange the displays on my PC for the user with the issue. I was still having an issue when the computer went to sleep and was woken that the center screen would not be enabled and I would have to go through the process of deleting said folder and restarting the machine. I have found that disabling the KScreen 2 service fixes that issue.

Still interested in learning how the monitor configuration can be set globaly and not per user.


Hi @notzippy,

Try xrandr as root (or by using sudo for the commands):

Hope this helps!