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Hello all,
This question is specifically about an AUR package (in this specific instance), but conceivably about bad packages in any repository. Considering I am using Manjaro with AUR enabled, I was unsure whether I should post this here or on an Arch forum, but I figured I'd start here. Anyway...
I run Mullvad VPN, and I have been installing it from AUR. In past 6 months or so I've installed it four or five times. In every case it has built quickly and installed quickly. The current package (mull-vpn 2019.9-7) had new dependencies, takes 10 plus minutes to build, is very CPU intensive, and ultimately fails. I visited the package URL ( and it appears others have the same problem that I encountered, and the packager reports he has not had a successful built This package has been out there for a few days.

So my questions are (finally): How is it that problematic packages remain available for download in a repository? Or get posted there to begin with? And when/how do they get removed from the repository?


ask there

AUR it's not really a repository.. and it's used by user for user..

the maintainer seems to want to change this package to build from source instead to take it from a Debian package but this change is not without problem and he is working on it.
so ask on the thread above

AUR is "maintened" by arch so it's arch team that decide if a package have to be removed.. or not. the package worked fine until now.. why you are so rude.. wait and see if things get better.
I would have been the maintener I would maybe not push a so big change in AUR without more testing..but it's how it is..

DISCLAIMER: AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk.

Deletion Request : Request a package to be removed from the Arch User Repository. Please do not use this if a package is broken and can be fixed easily. Instead, contact the package maintainer and file orphan request if necessary.

and finally..

yochananmarqos commented on 2019-12-02 18:33

PSA: It turns out I never had a successful build, I ended up hobbling it together by accident. Use mullvad-vpn-bin for now.

so install mullvad-vpn-bin for now.


I actually have a working build now, but I'm getting an error uploading it to the AUR. Somehow my .git folder is to big for it's britches. I'll see what I can do about it.

OK, thanks, that clarifies my general question. To be clear, I was using this package as an example of the larger question about problematic packages. I did see the note about mullvad-vpn-bin, but it appears that package installs the same version I am running now.

I appreciate all the responses to my question. We can close this now.
~dean ~

I was able to upload the new version that builds now. FYI, mullvad-vpn builds from the source code whereas mullvad-vpn-bin uses the precompiled Debian binary package as the source.

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