Quake III Arena on Pinebook Pro

ioquake3 runs quite nicely on my Pinebook Pro with Panfrost.

Clone or download from

Build everything with
make -j6

You need to copy your original Quake III files from a PC installation in order to run Q3A.

Set the COPYDIR variable in the shell to be where you installed Quake 3 to. By default it will be /usr/local/games/quake3 if you haven't set it. This is the path as used by the original Linux Q3 installer and subsequent point releases.
Run 'make copyfiles'.

cd into your Quake III directory and run it:

DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS=0 ./ioquake3.aarch64 +set cl_renderer opengl1 +set r_mode -1 +set r_customwidth 1920 +set r_customheight 1080 +set r_fullscreen 1 +set cg_drawFPS 1

Happy fragging :gun::sunglasses:


thanks for the guide, i build it with make -j6 then i run make copyfiles then i copied the release folder in my quake 3 folder and run your command.
it runs but i only get 5fps what did i do wrong?
now i installed the panfrost driver and it runs with above 40 fps :slight_smile: i hope i can tweak it so that it runs with constant 60

with this "+set r_swapinterval 1" = vsync added in the launch command it runs awesome :slight_smile:

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Great! It's even faster on Wayland (uninstall lightdm, install GDM + GNOME) :wink:

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