Qt6 file selection not responding

In QT6 programs, after clicking on the local file selection (“browse file”), it freezes for a few minutes, after the window appears, it hangs as “Not Responding”, but they can select the desired file (directories also take a long time to open)

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Is OBS installed as Flatpak?

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Which programs … ?

Custom themes may trigger such behavior - recheck with default Plasma theme.

And please remove the screenshot - in future don’t use screen shots - carefully explain your issue using words only as this will yield better response.

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Changing the theme did not solve the problem.
This problem exists for example in telegram, obs, qpwgraph
I added a screenshot because it shows strange symbols in the sidebar

your issue is still local …

I created a new user, it works as it should, maybe there are suggestions which files to delete to reset the cache or something?

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The ArchWiki suggests some ways to reset configurations and clear caches for KDE Plasma:

I’ll simply drop this in here: Be wary of packages you might install from sources other than the official repo’s. That is all. Cheers.

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