Qt5 Update of 2019-11-02

With todays update unstable branch might be broken. We recommend to switch to testing for now our help us to slay the dragons ...

Downgraded qt5-svg to 5.13.1-1 along with additional downgrades to kmod and mkinitcpio fixed the issues to my gnome desktop.

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installed qt5-base from arch and now its okay
why dont just import qt5-base from arch.
i dont see any benefit from building qt5-base seperate from arch.
or just build whole qt5-{} stack


cos we have a different version and patches on ours.

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I confirm that qt5-base 5.13.2-1 from arch repos fixed the issue to my gnome desktop.

then that means there will be many issues down the line
you may need to build all packages which depend on qt5-base
as those will be built on qt5-base from arch.

still i dont see any real benefit.
just extra work

and may be there were issues with qt5-base from arch to need you to build it
but now its not worth it.

Philm updated qt5-base to 5.13.2-1 some minutes ago and fixed the issue. :wink:

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As always, by the time I get around an issue and manage to startx, @philm had patched it up. :smile:

Thanks for the rapid response guys!


The problem is that Statx support in QT requires Linux >= 4.11, which means that if we import qt5-base from Arch, we need to remove all Linux kernels before 4.11. Arch does not have to deal with this because of how they manage their kernels.

Keeping old kernels and overlaying qt5-base was a decision that was made almost a year ago.

Is it really worth keeping those old kernels nowadays though?


I have read users mention they use older kernels for compatibility with older hardware. I'm sure there will be some grumbling if they are removed without warning.

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