Qt packages update: could you integrate the "yay -S qt5-styleplugins" command to your scripts?

I use the AUR repositories because they are rich and I need them to easily access these applications (I maintain a database of Linux games, many of which are in the AUR repositories).
The only recurring and systematic problem I have with Manjaro is that every time there is an update of the Qt packages, all Qt applications don’t work anymore.
I easily fix it with : $ yay -S qt5-styleplugins
(and answering [A]).
Couldn’t you integrate this command in the update scripts?

The AUR is neither officially supported by Arch nor Manjaro. Users are responsible for maintaining their own AUR packages including rebuilding when necessary.


Make you own upgrade script. Example:

pamac remove --no-confirm --orphans
pamac upgrade --no-confirm “$@”
yay -S qt5-styleplugins

Why don’t you just execute the command sudo pacman -Syu && yay -S qt5-styleplugins

Or create a Pacman hook to execute the command after each update or when specific packages get updated. This is really simple to do, and you can do as you wish depending on your personal needs.

Manjaro will not add a specific command executing after each update a tool that is not part of Manjaro default applications, and on top of that for your own problems which have nothing to do with Manjaro itself.

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