Qt-based applications stopped working on Manjaro-Gnome

It’s not an incompatibility of Gnome 44.5 and its settings with Qt and Linux 6.5 doesn’t break the compatibility.
Something had gone wrong during automatic processing of the update on 8/30.

Searching a possibility to go back to the flawlessly working system ¹ with Gnome 44.4 and Linux 6.4 (without a snapshot of the old system) looked more and more desperate.
Probably always a bad idea to go back with a rolling release, anyway.
¹) including the, also desperate, resort of a fresh re-install (and months of work to configure it)

So I tested a fresh installation on a separate partition. (and have been agreeably surprised to find the new Uranos .iso-image)
Installed it and found that none of the problems I got with the current Talos appeared.

So the next question arises:
How to upgrade the current Talos to a new Uranos and preserve the configuration of the Ui, the file system and the applications?

I have a separated home directory, parts of which are overwritten automatically during installs and an additional partition, which is (hopefully) never touched by automatic processes, containing additional configuration and the working data.

@ Yochanan:
Should I open a new topic for this question or would I be blamed for opening multiple topics for the same question?

If the system was fine with 6.4 kernel, why not use that instead? The 6.6 kernel isn’t that far away from its official release; just wait for that, to see if anything changes for you. Cheers.

As stated above: It’s not - or rather: no more - about Linux 6.5 or Gnome 44.5
It’s about a corruption of the Qt configuration during the automatic update on 8/30.

Perhaps: finding all Qt(-base?) configuration files, deleting them and re-install Qt(-base?) without prior de-install (which I deem dangerous/impossible because of zillions dependencies) might solve it. But again - I’m not certain to know what’s necessary therefore - at least: “how to find all the Qt configuration files”.

It’s a jungle up there; I must have missed it.

Well, good luck with your … experiments. Cheers.

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