QT 5.13 and Akonadi

The most recent update to QT 5.13, along with the related akonadi / libakonadi updates, has introduced a serious bug that affects postgres users, and apparently, those of us who use a central mariadb instance, instead of letting akonadi launch it's own (a source of pain for most akonadi users, I suspect).

The short version is that the way one of the QT libraries handles table names has changed, and it wasn't case-sensitive-- but is now, and akonadi gets very confused.

Upstream appears to have fixed this within the past few days-- Would it be possible to get akonadi / libakonadi 19.04.3-1 pushed out to Manjaro "real soon now"? I'm currently unable to use any akonadi based applications.

I admit, I don't know the process for packages going from Arch -> Manjaro, so this might be something that will "just happen", but I assume there's some level of curation.


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Unfortunately right now libakonadi/akonadi 19.04.3-1 is only available in unstable branch. You could post about this on stable update post. Philm checks this treads regularly and certainly will notice the issue.

Or I guess you could temporarily switch to the unstable branch until it was in stable.

I will push it to testing in a few hours anyway.


KDE Apps 19.04.3 now in testing

I found a workaround, but it's not for the faint of heart. I dropped the akonadi DB from mariadb, set lower_case_table_names to true in mariadb configuration, recreated the database, and allowed akonadi to rebuild.

Fortunately, I don't have any other databases that I have to worry about in the meantime.

I expect I'll have to do that all over again when the new packages come out, but for the moment, I'm up and running.

@philm: Thanks!

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