Qpdfview degraded to AUR package

As the title says, after todays stable update (yes, I found the easter egg) qpdfview slipped to AUR.
The world does not end here, but it was default (in manjaro’s xfce) since dinosaurs ruled the world.
My guess (will investigate) is that arch dropped it.
Just a reminder for @philm, when pushing new isos.
cheers and pleasent easter

Then let’s vote it back into the repositories.

AUR (en) - qpdfview

Although, maybe we could just add it in our own?

…when running arch and you need/like it, then it’s fine, otherwise it smells bad.

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It showed up in Pamac as “foreign” recently. I saw it was in the AUR. I never used it and removed it. I prefer masterpdfeditor, even though it is proprietary, There is xpdf in the official repositories as an option.

I prefer okular