Qoob: a foobar-like music player for Linux


exactly what @fhdk said

about pipefail I missed it was in the Arch wiki but don’t like it, anyway since you are the developer you know when you push a git tag

You can ask for co-maintainers :grin: (I’m FabioLolix on the AUR)

To me don’t seem the Arch Trusted User are enthusiast about pkgver=0

By Scimmia

Let makepkg set the pkgver and stop screwing with it.

By Eli eschwartz

I don’t understand why a number of VCS package maintainers over the years have decided to override the pkgver created by pkgver() as though “0” is somehow a holy concept.


Enjoy the light icon theme :wink:

I took it as a misunderstanding, for the must part. Trilby sum it up well, when he points that “the pkgver variable is meaningless in vcs PKGBUILDs. It does need to be there, but it’s content is irelevant”, as the variable is required for the package to build.

However, I have to manually increment the version number in setup.py for PiPy updates, should I do the same with the PKGBUILD?

You are very welcome :slight_smile:
How do you usually proceed?


@alfalfa Right, firstly

How it works:

1 You have to click to get the directory chooser - the function of which is not obvious as there are no tooltips.

2 This launches the chooser, that places the text into the text field.

3 Then you have to click Add to add the directory to the list.

4 Qoob also needs to remember it’s size and restore it on relaunch, I resize to read the track names and had to do it all over again on relaunch :persevere:

I think this is counter intuitive, you should just click Add, then if the chooser is cancelled, do nothing. If OK on the chooser is clicked, just add it.

So, my suggestion steamlines the process:

How I think it should work:

You need tooltips, I realise this causes translation problems :grin:

You can get rid of the button.

You can get rid of the text field which displays the line.

And implement all the functionality to the Add button.

And remember it’s size and layput between launches.

:Edit: Also minimize to tray would be a nice touch.

Hope the above makes sense.

The light icon theme looks good, included is the gui of the script you fixed for me :smiley:


Very nice work just installed it on Gnome very fast.


For a development you set i.e. pkgver=1 for the first build because if it is blank the build don’t start, then you let makepkg to set it (as I’ve read in Arch’s mailing list, you increase it monotonically)

Can you elaborate more?
I see setup.py is used in the pkgbuild but I’m not a developer, which version number?

You mean to add a co-maintainer or how I proceed when I’m a co-maintainer?


@xircon Those are good suggestions to improve the user experience, I’ll work on that soon. As for the minimize to tray, it is already implemented and enabled by default.

I don’t get it, how do you ‘let’ makepkg set the version? With the pkgver()? How is it different than what I’ve done?

Some packages are distributed on the both AUR, and on PiPy for users of others distros. There is a version number in setup.py that must be incremented every time a new package is uploaded to PiPy, i.e. it is currently at 0.0.8 for qoob as it has been updated 8 times.


Oops, it was hidden from the tray - sorry!!!


Somes more updates…
btw. old preferences has to be overwritten (sorry). There was some major changes, but from now on it should okay for a while (22eae14…).

Done (1 & 2)



Done (1 & 2)



All working well, excellent work :smiley:


Some news about qoob’s development;

The app now has both a stable and a -git package, thanks to @Lolix.

Codewise, the whole library viewer/filter logic is being rewritten to be entirely asynchronous and ensure responsiveness during heavy loads. It has been the occasion to rewrite the sorting function as well, which was the main culprit for the viewer loading time. Moreover, the search function now uses the metadata already stored in the RAM, and caching features were added to speedup slower operations. Thus, the loading speed is reduced by lowering the IO operations and the overall CPU usage.

These changes were mandatory and will benefit all users, but especially those with large or remote music collections. The next release will allow efficient streaming over SSH, offering support for huge libraries and somewhat slow connections.

As these are deep changes to the core features, bugs are likely to occur. You are welcome to stay on the git package to test it and benefit from the new features and last fixes. Else please consider moving to the stable package, as the -git package will be updated shortly.

Hope you will like it :slight_smile:


The latest release is finally up! Included are many bug fixes, some new features and speed improvements over the previous version.

I put it to test on 60 GB local library, along with a 250 GB collection streamed over SSH. Once the initial scan is done, it is quite fast !

Feedbacks are always welcome :slight_smile: