Qnapi or similar Rpi4

Is there a working qnapi program or similar to search subtitles on Rpi4?
Or maybe someone install qnapi?
I can't because he's not in repositories. Only on AUR repository, but when building i have wrong procesor error :frowning:

Maybe @FadeMind can help he is listed as a maintener.
I don't see why aarch64 is not listed as it seems to be a qt5 software and armv7h seems supported.

You could try to edit the PKGBUILD and add aarch64 in the architecture list and see if it build and work

Thanks for tips, i will try when i come back from work about 22 PM CET. Maybe until then @FadeMind can help too :slight_smile:

@scachemaille can you give me command to edit PKGBUILD ?

  1. Download the tarball/snapshot from the AUR page.
  2. Extract it.
  3. Open up the PKGBUILD file you extracted, add aarch64 to the arch=() array and save and close file.
  4. Open a terminal and cd to the folder containing the PKGBUILD.
  5. Run makepkg -si to build and install the package.

Thank you so much, it's working :slight_smile:

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