QGnomePlatform not working/not respecting dark theme?

I saved the options I’ve come across. I haven’t been able to find documentation, either.


  • Available options: gtk2, gnome, kde, qt5ct, xcb


  • Available styles: HighContrastInverse, HighContrast, Adwaita-HighContrastInverse, Adwaita-HighContrast, Adwaita-Dark, Adwaita, kvantum-dark, kvantum, qt5ct-style, Windows, Fusion

The packages are still in the repos, they’re just not used by default for the GNOME ISO profile anymore.

It works for me and everyone else as far as I’ve seen.

Let us know how you resolve the issue. :wink:

@TheKarion For Kate and Konsole in Gnome, do you have anything other than ‘Default’ under Application Menu > Settings > Window Colour Scheme ?

Qgnomeplatform works as is, at least according to my tests. As a test, try installing Kwrite and it should automatically adopt the dark theming.

For Dolphin I can’t get it to apply the dark theme fully. Every second line is in white.

Note: I have qt5ct and qt6ct uninstalled and all QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME lines are deactivated in env.

So an update, I reinstalled manjaro went to testing and tried the same thing to no avail, trying unstable now. Kvantum is the only thing that seems to work, but even then settings pop out menus are all broken, as well as menu animations not applying

Can you send a screenshot of what it looks like?

@TheKarion See here:

KvColor Scheme


Note: It’s a VM fresh install with switching to testing branch and it utilizes Kvantum Manager for selecting Application Menu > Settings > (Window) Colour Scheme. Maybe there is other solutions.
Dolphin has some issues but I wasn’t spending more time to try different settings.

It looks much like Gnome style, isn’t it?

Looks like old gnome screwed up. Here’s mine

I have the following:

cat /etc/environment                                             ✔ 
# This file is parsed by pam_env module
# Syntax: simple "KEY=VAL" pairs on separate lines



# Force to use Xwayland backend

#Not tested: this should disable window decorations

  • qt5ct and qt6ct removed
  • Kvatum manager installed (works out of the box)
  • Kate, Konsole etc choose in application settings a respective dark theme as color scheme
  • Dolphin I don’t know yet

Yes you can overwrite all Qt applications with QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=“kvantum”. You will have to select and adjust your default theme in the Kvantum Manager. It’s all your choice.

If you like Kde applications so much you may try Plasma 5 :wink:

I’ve been using KDE for a long time, but I prefer the consistency of Gnome, KDE keeps crashing applications all the time lol. Can you post your .profile (should be in your home folder) if you have one?

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No .profile exists.

Plasma runs very consistent in my case, apart from minor visual glitches which do not impact it’s functionality. I can’t complain about it.



In KV Manager choose Theme ‘KvGnomeDark’ to use this theme.
The rest is done in Tweaks.

The result:

Papirus Maia Green


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Same went to kde plasma and it runs just fine, haven’t had a crash yet. With the newest kvantum-qt5-git update the cropping on buttons was fixed so it looks a lot better.

Solution: Switch to KDE or use kvantum with some inconsistencies,

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