`qemu-static.conf file is missing. Please install the relevant package.` on Ubuntu

qemu-static.conf file is missing. Please install the relevant package.
This is using the script https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/applications/manjaro-arm-installer
I tried

sudo apt install qemu-user-static



Neither worked. I'ma switch back to Manjaro soon, but I'd prefer to do it now, on Ubuntu :sweat_smile:

No idea what Ubuntu package provides that file. Sorry.

:frowning: any alternatives?

Not sure what you mean?

An alternative is to install Manjaro (hardware or VM) and use that to create your install.
Then you can install the packages mentioned in the Dependencies.


By "alternatives" i mean alternate ways to install it on a pi 3.

That seems like something I'ma try out | thanks!

Read this post

Wow nice. Thank you so much!
i'll give it a shot

Be aware that whilst I was able to get the image to install to the sd card, it failed to boot and dropped to the emergency shell.

I ended up installing Manjaro on a spare hard drive and running the arm installer from Pacman.

I also tried installing the old version of manjaro arm for pi3, was stuck on the boot screen (didnt go past it for 10 min, decided to quit it :expressionless: )

I'ma just install manjaro tbh, I was gonna switch anyways. then i'll try the arm installer

Doesn't qemu package do that?

P.S. Found this for manual build on Ubuntu: http://logan.tw/posts/2018/02/18/build-qemu-user-static-from-source-code/
P.P.S. Building of some dependencies: https://wiki.debian.org/QemuUserEmulation

Nope - sadly, the qemu pkg in ubuntu repos dosen't :frowning:

If you still need it "urgently", I better way would be running Manjaro in VirtualBox on your Ubuntu machine, and create the image from it as recommended by @Strit .

Plan "B": I build recently Manjaro ARM 20.02 for RPi3 as following editions:

  • server
  • minimal
  • xfce
    If you want / need - I can upload them somewhere and share the link. But I sincerely doubt if it's gonna be faster than installing Manjaro in VirtualBox and build it there.

I appreciate the offer, but I am currently in the process of switching back to Manjaro anyways (migrating data to an online repository :stuck_out_tongue: )

So no worries.

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