QEMU (aarch64) TCG: Guest boots into UEFI Interactive Shell



  • OS: Manjaro XFCE x86_64
    • App: virt-manager


  • OS: Manjaro ARM minimal
    • Hypervisor: QEMU TCG
    • Architecture: aarch64
    • Emulator: /usr/bin/qemu-system-aarch64
    • Machine Type: virt-7.1
    • Firmware: /usr/share/edk2-armvirt/aarch64/QEMU_CODE.fd

As one can see, I’m trying to run an Manjaro-ARM-minimal VM on my XFCE machine. My ultimate goal is to create a Vagrant box out of it using packer, which the immediately runs manjaro-arm-installer. I’ve had bad experiences with manjaro-arm-installer when accidentally choosing the main device of my host computer. I have already achieved creating a Vagrant box before, but then Manjaro-minimal wasn’t ARM-only.
But first, I just want it to see it run as a VM before I jump on the packer issues.

So I created a new VM using virt-machine, using the local downloaded ISO from the manjaro download page with aarch64 architecture and machine type virt-7.1 (or just virt, either way, the result is the same). The rest of the options are default.

I also have the options set on loading the CD-ROM ISO file first.

And this is what I get when starting it up:

I’ve tried the following to boot the VM.


edit startup.nsh

Unfortunately, this only results into:

edit: Invalid File Name or Current--working-directory

Not exactly what I was hoping for and the same goes for blk1: and blk2:.
My question is whether or not I can boot the virtual hard disk and how.