Python2 gimp update needs edit

Hi there! the recent python2-GIMP update is asking me to edit it. how do i do it? or should i do it or wait for a massive update? i noticed that some of the gimp plug ins quit working. i guess it has some likage to that issue. or am i wrong? I thank you on advance.

Do you mean you are being prompted to edit it, or that you are advised to perform an edit?

How are you updating this AUR package?

For example if using yay then you have the option to edit during installation/upgrade.

This is how packages from the AUR work. :wink:

The AUR (Arch User Repository) does not contain any actual software. It contains PKGBUILD files, which are shell scripts that pull in the source code, or in some cases, a binary, in order to build the package on your local system.

When installing a package from the AUR, you are offered the ability to inspect the PKGBUILD file to see whether whatever it pulls in comes from legitimate sources, and you are also able to edit the file if needed.

This is perfectly normal, and it is the safe way to install software from the AUR, because the AUR is a user-managed repository that neither Manjaro nor Arch itself can take any responsibility for. :wink:

What AUR helper are you using? Sounds like you need to read more about how to use it and what it’s options are.

What? likage is not a word.

FYI, Python 2 is dead.

Sadly, unlike Krita that uses Python 3.x, GIMP still uses Python 2.7 and its own Lisp derivative language Script-fu. The GIMP developers don’t seem to plan migrating to Python 3.x.

thank you very much for your help! i’ll do my best to get the best out of your answers but at the moment it seems quit hopless with my limited brain resources. LOL. anyway, the battle is not lost yet. i have a friend who runs Gentoo and he has all the answers. i’m sure he can help me with accordance to your advices. Happy new year everybody! and thanks again!