Python very slow on fresh manjaro install

T1	1709015158.69457	
(threads)	1709018581.41369	
	3422.71912	secs
T3	1709020502.2505	
(threads)	1709023622.65479	
	3120.40429	secs
	-302.31483	secs
	-5.03858	mins

I created a test sample of files for my own direct comparison (not-python) of 1 thread versus 3 threads (hopefully within the same CCX) using my project files. No advantage gained. I could run 3x single thread volume … so compartmentalizing my work load is they way to go. It likely means more smaller python code units rather than bigger lumps. Having a boatload of cores to use solves one problem, but created another :slight_smile: