Python 3.10 On Raspberry Pi 4b

I have cloned the AUR 3.10 python package;

git clone

But when I run makepkg -si I get

==> ERROR: python310 is not available for the 'aarch64' architecture.

PS pacman -S python keeps it as 3.9.7

I would not recommend upgrading to 3.10, before all the packages that depends on it, has been rebuilt against it.

But if you really want, you can just add aarch64 to the arch=() line in the PKGBUILD file and try again.
But I bet your system will break if you install it.

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[pi@pi python310]$  makepkg -si
==> ERROR: Cannot find the fakeroot binary.
[pi@pi python310]$

I get this after adding ‘aarch64’ to the arch=()

You didn’t install base-devel package group, which is needed for building AUR packages.

Please read the Arch Wiki page on AUR before proceeding.

I tried to install it earlier, however it errored. For some reason it works now :stuck_out_tongue:

You are about to break your system.

You have been warned.

You are on your own. :wink:

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sobs I am aware
But alas, it is nothing - A remake of an os is always fun :smiley:
Especially when its a server, so absolutely nought customisation is required

I still don’t get what you need python 3.10 for on a server at this point…

Eh a friend made their code 3.10

it worked - damn

How can I make the python3.10 default and remove the python 3.9.6? when I type python -V it gives the python3.9.6, however it does work when I type python3.10 -V

x86-64 user here (so be careful with my ideas).

So you can’t remove it while some packages required it as dependency.


pactree -r your_python_3.9_package_name_here

to list all packages which required it.

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if we install 3.10 is only for test some personal scripts (without python dependencies - hey are not yet available)
I installed only for test “Pattern Matching”

 python3.10 ./

Maybe you should have installed pyenv to keep your system safe.


FYI archlinux is rebuilding packages for python 3.10 arrival Arch Linux - Todo: Remaining rebuilds for Python 3.10

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Python 3.10 is arriving !! Arch Linux - python 3.10.1-2 (x86_64)

It is available on archlinux arm python (aarch64) | Packages | Arch Linux ARM and soon on manjaro arm.

I still think you should use pyenv and its virtual environments management AUR (en) - pyenv-virtualenv

The PKGBUILD for it has been updated, but it is not in the Arch Linux ARM repository yet. And it won’t be until all the rebuilds are finished.


you’re right and there are a lot to do at every major release.

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Now it’s out on the unstable branch ! :champagne:
Thanks everyone for rebuilding all the packages with this new version ! :clap:
Happy New Year’s Eve to all !

Arch Linux ARM built over 3500 packages, so we are just picking up what needs to be rebuilt of our own packages. :slight_smile: