Purpose of GNOME Firmware application

Hi all,

what’s the purpose of the Firmware application? It’ll display a number of devices from my system, but can it actually do anything? Like, update UEFI firmware? That would be a major improvement, since most vendors have specialized apps, probably even for Windows only. Regards



You can read more about it on fwupd - ArchWiki and as stated there is:

some and several are key words, so not ALL, ANd there are few graphical front-ends that included it and are included by default in some DEs and will get improved over time, depending the project and how much developers will get involved to it and how much information they will get to suport more devices …

This application can:

  • Upgrade, Downgrade, & Reinstall firmware on devices supported by fwupd.
  • Unlock locked fwupd devices
  • Verify firmware on supported devices
  • Display all releases for a fwupd device

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