Purple-facebook in manajro Live

I have just gave a spin to the latest Manajro XFCE distro to show it to my students in Live mode and noticed that purple-facebook is missing among the default Pidgin protocols.
Facebook being one of the most popular chat mediums, I think it would be nice if it was included in the next release since it would improve the showcase experience to new users.
Just my two cents.

I think it would be nice if it was not included. My 50 cents.
I do not like the non-social-media.

If you like, install.
There are more important things than f-book.John-sgs


it would be the very first thing i would then have to uninstall.

i would sooner forgive a manjaro/microsoft partnership than i would manjaro/facebook integration :fearful:


Philosophical issues aside, this is already in the repos so it’s already packaged and available for installation. You can install it in the live environment if you want, or if that’s not possible for whatever reason (e.g. outbound connections are blocked, but then Facebook wouldn’t work anyway) you can create your own spin which includes whatever software you desire.