Hello Manjaro users,

Does anybody have experience with Purism or the hardware they are selling?

Also, any experience with the PureOS browser? PureBrowser?

Thank you

i suppose if you dont mind spending 3x as much for something with similar specs, have at it. i like the styling and backlit keyboard. is that a rebranded clevo?

starting at $1600 for the librem 15 with meh specs is a bit underwhelming. for that price you should get more than a quad core i7

8gb ram
250gb ssd

i guess it makes sense only if your a hardcore libre/open-source only person.

Although @dglt makes some valid points, what Purism (the company) is trying to do is something I support. I have been running a librem13 for almost a year now and have to say, coming from a macbook pro, it stands up nicely. It is very open hardware and can run any Linux with out issue. Yes, you can get a similar laptop for less money. I don't know you can get one that is as committed to privacy and open source.
I do run Manjaro on it. I find PureOS or any truly free distro to be too limiting to live on 24x7.
I would suggest looking into the company and what it stands for before writing it off as overly expensive.
Just FYI adding harddrives and ram is about as easy as it should be. You can save money there.


A few remarks/questions:
With open hardware you mean there are Linux drivers available?
How is the laptop committed to privacy? Is there special hardware inside which takes care of that? It can't be the OS since you don't use Pure OS but Manjaro.

Yes, the hardware is open with documentation available so linux developers can write drivers for it. No blobs some manufacturer forces on you.
There are hardware on off switches for camera, microphone, wifi and bluetooth.
It runs coreboot, an open source bios alternative. They are working on a HEADS implementation with their TPM chip making tampering with your machine more detectable.
I am not doing them justice. I would recommend checking their site and ask in their forums. They can tell a lot more than I can.
They are working towards a lot of these things and by supporting them, buying a slightly more expensive laptop you too can support them as well as take advantage of the developments as they come out.
This sums up a lot of what I am saying about the company

Go check them out. I can just attest to the machine working great and their support is there as is there community, much like Manjaro.

Good luck.

For 1600 American dollars you should get 8 + cores i7 and a kickass graphic card and storage to fit the entirety of Steam on it.

The specs you list is what half price for any other brand?

i agree, but purism is intended for a niche market of folks that want everything inside built on libre/open source ideals so it has it's valid place in the market. maybe not for me but to others this is worth it.

aside from the price, i like it.

Well yes, I get that. But is really a FOSS wireless card THAT expensive?

people buy what they want, people like what they like. it's not like spending $75,000 on a swarovski crystal studded toilet. :rofl:

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