PulsEffects is no longer working

after the latest stable Update is PulseEffects no longer supported and does not work

If i recall correctly, it now uses PipeWire.

//EDIT: from GitHub - wwmm/pulseeffects: Limiter, compressor, reverberation, equalizer and auto volume effects for Pulseaudio applications

Note for users that did not moved from Pulseaudio to PipeWire

From version 5.0.0 onward PulseEffects needs PipeWire. Pulseaudio users need to instal one of the 4.x releases or building a package directly from our legacy Pulseaudio branch GitHub - wwmm/pulseeffects at pulseaudio-legacy. Arch Linux users can also use the PKGBUILD on the same branch. This branch will receive updates for critical bugs as time goes by. So if PipeWire is not for you yet it is fine to use the legacy branch.

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thanks for your reply. i’ll test it and try to figure out. it’s sad that pulseeffects is no longer valid.
thank you buddy

You can replace version 5 with the legacy 4.xx version from AUR. Should cost you a couple clicks in Pamac to switch back to this version.

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