PulseEffects stopped working after the recent huge stable update

I can hear audio, but PulseEffects no longer shows anything in the “Applications” list, even while audio is playing. I can’t use its equalizer any more all of a sudden. I didn’t change anything myself. There was no pacnew file related to PulseEffects from the big stable update recently. How do I make PulseEffects see applications playing audio now?

Does this also happen if you create another user, log in there and play something???

  • If yes, please uninstall PuleEffects completely, removing all settings and then install it again:

    pamac --no-save remove pulseeffects
    pamac install pulseeffects
  • If no, please report back.


please post response to

pacmd dump

to show if the pulseeffects module is loaded and set as default-sink

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After creating this thread, I made a bug report here: PulseEffects suddenly shows nothing in "Applications" and therefore I can't apply effects to anything · Issue #794 · wwmm/pulseeffects · GitHub

This issue is now resolved for me and the resolution is in that bug report for anyone interested. Thanks for the responses.

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