PulseEffects + Pipewire on Manjaro XFCE changing default audio device at startup

I recently switched to Pipewire on Manjaro XFCE. The process was pretty seamless, but I’m having an issue with PulseEffects.

At startup, the default audio device changes from my normal devices to “PulseEffects Sink” and “PulseEffects Source” for output and input respectively. I get no audio while these options are selected.
I have to manually change the default fallback device to my normal devices every time I boot Manjaro.

I’ve tried going in to PulseEffects settings and changing the selected device. I’ve also tried both enabling and disabling the “Use Default” option.

It might just be a bug with the default volume control application pavucontrol.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have the same issue… i switch to HDMI audio then set it as the default, reboot then its been set back to the 3.5mm output jack.

hoping someone can help