PulseAudio wouldn't work in Bspwm

I have Manjaro Xfce, with bspwm on the side. When I login to xfce, everyting works fine. When I login to bswpm, I get "establishing connection to PulseAudio". It never gets done.

However, if I log into xfce to begin with, log out, and then login to bspwm, pulse works.

Sounds works, however, using Alsa, but anything which uses Pulse does not work, including sound in Firefox.

Any suggestions?

Check the startup applications within Xfce then make sure the same things are launching within your bspwm startup file.

Remember that bspwm is a WM not a DE.

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You need to autostart pulseaudio.

 systemctl --user enable pulseaudio

Or put in your autostart file (bspwmrc)


to check Pulseaudio is working within systemd:

systemctl --user status pulseaudio.service pulseaudio.socket

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The latter did not work. The former fixed the issue

I followed @Chrysostomus reponse. Pulse works now

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