Pulseaudio, pavucontrol and bluetooth headphones


I have xiaomi bluetooth headphones what work good on phone, but on laptop from few days not work at all.
I can connect to it and see it in mixer but I cannot hear any sound

Pavucontrol tray > mixer

Pavucontrol tray > preferences

I cannot switch to HSP/HFP because “failed to change profile to headset_head_unit”, but I don’t know what was when was working yet…

PS. This headphones was working properly on this laptop before
PS2. I’ve installed pulseaudio-bluetooth package

Thanks in advance! <3

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In the screenshot for the Output Devices tab [ pavucontrol --tab=3 ] Bluetooth device appears to be muted - the volume control is greyed out

click the mute button audio-volume-high to unmute

Could you please follow these steps? :smile:

@nikgnomic Im stupid :sweat_smile: Yes you were right, thanks!
@The_Quantum_Alpha Thanks for that link Ill read it <3

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I’ve had to issue Terminal command sudo systemctl restart bluetooth.service a few times recently to get things to communicate properly. Usually the phone but sometimes the headset & speakers too. Worth a try?

This caught me out in the past
I had a panel control in Xfce that could mute an audio output but could not unmute it
The volume control in the panel might be a problem but the main mixer will show if it happens again