Pulseaudio not switching automatically to headphone output

Since the last update, my headphones aren’t switched to automatically when connecting them. I have to go to pavucontrol and switch the output manually, which means they are being recognized, but not switched to. This didn’t happen before the update.

Output of pulseaudio --version:

pulseaudio 13.99.3

If there is any other output of a command needed, tell me and I’ll provide.

Check alsamixer if auto-mute is enabled.

see here

“it’s a regression with every case where pulse wants to switch the active port has multiple options to do so and instead of picking “something” sends out an event, which pops up a GUI in GNOME to properly select the intended device, no other desktop has an implementation for this currently. Follow the bug report linked above, there are already a merge request open for fixing this.”

you may downgrade or select Headphones as I do in Plasma via the volume icon, don’t know if if is possible in i3wm…


Thank you very much! I couldn’t downgrade because there was some library missing, so I’ll just switch to headphones from the volume icon every time I guess.

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There is a new pulseaudio update with the fix,its in unstable branch already,will probably reach stable branch in ~2 weeks.

sorry, suppose to downgrade Pulseaudio with all the related packages installed…

anyway, as stated by @XRaTiX in Unstable there is Pulseaudio 14.0-1 with the expected behavior as before :smile:

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