PulseAudio not launching

The other day I turned on my computer and found that no audio devices were detected, after troubleshooting everything, including wireless audio devices, it would seem pulse audio wasnt working for whatever reason.

After hours of searching ive turned up empty handed,(except for many people having the same problem unanswered). I’ve tried reinstalling pulse packages, trying different kernels, etc.

all i know is its unable to connect to dbus-daemon, and supposedly x11 support was disabled at compile time. Havent found a definitive answer on how to fix this.
Heres the output of sudo pulseaudio -v

Im WELL aware pulse isnt supposed to be run as root, i needed to see why it was crashing. and it wont run in user.

running with --system tag results in this.

any help would be wonderful, thank you in advance! If I turn up with nothing in a little bit ill just reinstall manjaro.

Update: i deleted ~/.config/pulse to see if that was the issue, it allowed pulseaudio to be run as user, but i got this

it looks like, after a couple retries with the config deletion and reboots it worked.

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