Pulseaudio issue

Hi all,

I have an issue with pulseaudio under OpenRC KDE.

If I boot fresh everything is fine, also I’m doing many suspend & resume cycles though this is my laptop and I am a IT supporter. But if I log out and back in pulseaudio is not working anymore. After a reboot it is fine again.

What can I do? Or is OpenRC not adviseable?


@mac are you not getting any sound when you come back into the OS? If so, for me the issue seems to be i have to boot into Windows, then back into Manjaro and my audio works again.

No I think the pulseaudio server is not killed correctly on logout on OpenRC. Under default systemd it is working. If I kill pulseaudio before logout “pulseaudio -k” or “killall pulseaudio” then it is working after logout and login.

i had a similar issue today.

Could it be the latest update ?

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