PulseAudio doesn't switch to speakers when headphones unplugged after recent update


After a recent update (no more than a week ago) I have noticed a strange problem with PulseAudio.
If I plug in headphones, it works fine, switching from the speakers to the headphones.
If I unplug the headphones, it doesn’t auto-switch to the speakers anymore. I went into PAVUControl and found that it remains on “Headphones (unplugged)” instead of switching to Speakers. I can’t embed media or link it, so if I need to provide a picture of the pavucontrol window, I’ll PM you it.

My pulseaudio version is 14.1 and my system is up-to-date; in fact, there was a pulseaudio update earlier today which didn’t fix the issue, sadly.
What can I do?

Thanks in advance.


Is this helpful?

Thanks for your reply - sadly, that only affects separate devices (e.g. analog output and HDMI).
This is a case where it’s a toggle for the port within a single device (Family 17h (Models 10h-1fh) HD Audio Controller).

That’s a known issue with 14.1 pulseaudio.

It should be fixed in unstable and testing branches with version 14.2.

I’m wondering why you are on 14.1 though (your profile information says your are on “stable” branch where it’s currently v 14.0)?

Since update to PulseEffects 14.0 I also have similar problems with audio.
Like after a reboot I have to switch to PulseEffects(apps) then back to Speakers (Built-in…).

Just patiently waiting it to get fixed.

I just checked /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist and found out I’m on “testing.” I had no idea, honestly :stuck_out_tongue: I updated my profile accordingly.
I ran pacman -Syu just now, and it pulled pulseaudio 14.2. I’ll edit the post if it fixes the issue (99% sure it will.)
EDIT: Yes, it fixed the issue! Thank you so much.

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