Pulseaudio does not find the sink of my USB mixer on boot, but when manually restarting

I am having an issue with pulseaudio and an usb mixer. I’m using module-combine-sink to combine my mixer and my on-board audio into one default output device. This works fine, except when pulseaudio first starts after a boot. It says it doesn’t recognise the sink of my usb mixer. Restarting manually afterwards works.

journalctl output and list-sinks: # journalctl --user -u pulseaudio.service-- Boot e612c8a9d41844b1b75d117517c91 - Pastebin.com

/etc/pulse/default.pa: #!/usr/bin/pulseaudio -nF## This file is part of PulseAudio.## PulseAudi - Pastebin.com
~/.config/pulse/default.pa: .include /etc/pulse/default.paload-module module-combine-sink sink_name=Comb - Pastebin.com

Any ideas why the sink wouldn’t be available at the point where the default.pa is being executed?

The journalctl output also shows that after “Started Sound Service.” It tries to load more module-alsa-card for two midi devices I have hooked up. So my best guess is that usb devices are only loaded after executing the default.pa but then… where can I possibly change that? Can I delay module-combine-sink to after all USB sound devices have been loaded?

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Try slowing down the PulseAudio service startup by 1 second to see if that gives your mixer time to get started.

  1. Execute:

    systemctl --user edit pulseaudio
  2. Before the line starting with ExecStart= add the following line

    ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 1
  3. Ctrl+X Enter Y to save

  4. Log off

  5. Log on

  6. Test

    • If that would work, try lowering the sleep value to half of its value (0.5) and see if that works too and keep halving until it stops working and then go back up one notch.
    • If that would not work, double the value, keep doubling and stop at 8 and report back.


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So? Did that work or not???