Pulseaudio and pipewire-pulse packages should not be in conflict

they just cannot be running at the same time.
there is no reason to prevent installing both packages.
in the previous distro i used, i had them both installed.

If there wasn’t then Arch would not have done it. pipewire-pulse provides and conflicts with pulseaudio and pulseaudio-bluetooth. gnome-bluetooth / gnome-bluetooth-3.0 requires pulseaudio-bluetooth, so one must use pipewire-pulse with PipeWire or pulseaudio-bluetooth with PulseAudio.

Which was?


how exactly do they conflict?
the executables are different names. one is pulseaudio and one is pipewire-pulse.
you cannot start one when the other is running.
in the systemd files they are listed as conflicts, so starting one will stop the other etc,

you have not mentioned any reason to prevent installing both packages, other than “Arch would have done it”.
“Arch would have done it” is a fact that is unrelated to whether they can or cannot be installed at the same time.
whoever packaged these packages could have done any sort of thing regarding the packaging of these packages.

if mentioning my previous distro will DEFINITELY remove this conflict, then i will mention my previous distro.

It is related, as Arch is the ones actually packaging it.

Complaining here is not gonna get it changed, you need to talk to the Arch package maintainer about it, but I am pretty sure, they had their reasons. So you where running a secret distro that does things differently than the rest. Good for you. But don’t compare apples to oranges.


That is just hilarious!!