PSA: Android-Tools 8.0 Breaks MTP/ADB - Downgrade To 7.1.2 Required

Here’s a copy of my post in the Arch Forum here:

Running Arch XFCE LTS kernel, also tested on Arch Cinnamon LTS, and Manjaro Cinnamon LTS (same results)…
Just updated android-tools from the 7.1.2_r27-1 to 8.0_r4-2. Phone connects to pc as usual, but as soon as you try to enable MTP, the phone disconnects immediately and continues to bounce between being connected/unconnected until you reboot the pc (nothing wrong phone side other than the usb connection status/usb debugging going on and off in the status bar). Result differs device to device. On my Moto X Pure I could not connect to ADB at all. Even in charge only mode, as soon as an ADB command is given the device disconnects, along with no MTP access at all. On my LG-G3, ADB works while the phone’s USB setting is in charge only mode, but not in MTP mode - device disconnects. The LG can maintain an MTP connection, but no storage locations are shown (blank in the file manager).

Downgrading back to 7.1.2_r27-1 fixes the issue - ADB/MTP work as they should. Android-udev is unaffected, the latest update works on both versions of android-tools. So for now I’m operational, just wanted the issue noted here.


when usb connect to the pc it always turn on usb debugging mode, very weird. It started when I charge my phone on the plane with usb.
Does anyone has the same experenice?

Thanks, this really saved me! I was looking for a fix for hours. After i formatted the internal storage of my android device in TWRP, i couldn’t connect to my phone via adb anymore. Only fastmode worked and i thought destroyed my phone.

After downgrading from android-tools-8.0.0_r17-1 to android-tools-7.1.2_r27-1 everything works as expected again and i can reincarnate my phone now. Thanks again! :hugs:

No issues here with my Nexus 5X running Oreo. Maybe it depends which Android version you’re running.

EDIT: I also tested an LG G5 running Nougat and experienced no issues.

It varies between Android versions and manufacturer. Currently my Moto X Pure running 7.0, my Moto G4+ running 7.1, and an older LG-G3 running Lineage 7.1 do NOT work properly on any of the stable android-tools 8x series. Each device has a different issue with either adb or mtp or both. They all do work properly on the 7x series with no issues. However, the android-tools-git 8x series from the AUR seems to be working just fine on one of my test computers. For my needs, I’m just sticking with the primary repo downgraded 7x series, as I do not even have a phone that’s running Oreo 8.0, so 7x is just fine for me at this time.

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