ProRealTime on Manjaro

Hi everyone, I started using manjaro and linux in general to try something different and now that I’m madly in love with it I would like to use it as my main OS as well. I am a professional trader and I use the PROREALTIME application, I tried to install it on manjaro but I can’t get it started. I wrote to the company that releases the software and they confirmed by email that OS manjaro supports the software without any problems. When you try to start the application, a folder is downloaded to your PC but I can’t get it to start. I thank anyone who can help me and I am very pleased to enter “seriously” in this splendid community.

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

I think you have it backwards. Manjaro cannot support third-party, proprietary software we’ve neither heard of nor tested. If the ProRealTime support team thinks it should work, then ask them what you should do.

Without more details, no one can offer any help.

first of all thanks for the answer. when I try to start this software it downloads a .run file to my pc.
I can not add links otherwise I would let you prove to you that you are more experienced. don’t think it’s a real software to be installed on the pc but a live one.

I’m not able to find a public download link on their website without registering and/or purchasing it, so I’m not able to test it. Contact ProRealTime for support.

Thanks again for your interest.
After downloading the folder it gives me this command to enter, but it doesn’t work.
user@my-pc:~$ sh Downloads/

Contact ProRealTime for support