Props using yay -S packagename, see link to bugreport

See this bugreport:
yay issues

Please edit your topic title to be clear and concise. I have no idea what you’re asking.

Please see:

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Topic is:

Bugreport quote:

--editmenu option keeps you from starting the installation, it will say that the user aborted it #1667

Perhaps you need to rebuild yay?
It is related to some problem with the (especially) german translation
and it appears to have been fixed two weeks ago - see the last and second to last post in the bug report thread.

I wait for the “official” stable branch update and until then i use the tipp in one of the bugreport comments: just hit ENTER instead of answering yes or no! … that works :slight_smile:

I don’t think that will help or do you any good - isn’t yay a package built and installed from the AUR in Manjaro as well as in Arch?
To get the fix you’ll need to rebuild.
Updates of repository packages will not do - yay isn’t among those.
But it may get rebuilt along with the updates - depending on how you do them.

yay is in AUR and community:

3 aur/yay 11.1.2-1 (+1705 42.23) (Installiert)
    Yet another yogurt. Pacman wrapper and AUR helper written in go.
2 community/yay 11.1.2-1 (2.8 MiB 7.8 MiB) (Installiert)
    Yet another yogurt. Pacman wrapper and AUR helper written in go.

So i’ll wait for community updates and until then " … ENTER"

I don’t use yay very often!

??? installed from AUR and(!!) community ???

False alarm:

[john1@manjaro ~]$ pamac list|grep -i yay
yay                                   11.1.2-1                                 community  8,2 MB

At request of OP