Proposals for naming and descriptions of forum categories

Let’s collect feedback on neming of particular forum categories.

Also some categories are missing good descriptions.

With good names and descriptions it will be easier to sort topics into right categories. Or users will likely post in a suitable category from begin on.

Let’s collect proposals and improve the forum usability.


My recommendation is to rename Grphic Cards and HDPI into Graphic Cards.

  • yes
  • no

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It was graphic cards before and a separate hdpi to make less categories I have rename it, I think is important to have it visible as there is many users with hdpi issues, the same happend with installation and boot it was different categories

The downside of categories with several items in their names is that the user has to think (is it an AND or an OR?) and might post in the wrong category because they are not sure.

Improvement is always welcome, graphic is somehow related with hdpi and is to avoid having a very extensive categories list when in doubt there is always a general category and we can always move items in the wrong place.

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I understand the reasoning for as few categories as possible.
Consider this (last) proposal: The category can be Graphics Cards, for HDPI there can be a tag.
But if you think that HDPI is a frequent issue then I’d agree with having it in the category name.

For me is fine, we Can change it, the reason is there is because if someone has a hdpi issue they can clearly see it goes there.