Proposal: Remove beep sound


Made an issue post in Manjaro’s Gitlab.



Keep it on.
The PC speaker sound from my desktop was all i got last night when the connection to the external speaker system came loose and I was too lazy to fix until this morning.
Turning it off by default would have a much greater detrimental effect on some compared to the slight inconvenience to those wanting it off.


I don’t understand how a PC speaker can replace a whole external PC speaker? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By PC speaker, we mean a little speaker that screeches “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPP” that some computer have (even some modern one), not an actual competent audio speaker. Not sure you actually want that kind of stuff screeching sounds all night long, when people are sleeping.



Maybe that’s why people are voting to keep it. Yikes!

@wombat (and everyone else)

Disabling PC speaker doesn’t disable your actual speaker you will still be able to spotify from your laptop or desktop.


Ah, I misunderstood. I change my vote from “Keep by default” to “Disable by default” now. Thanks for clarifying.


This is also raised during hardware failure…


Definitely for disabling the PC speaker by default. Having recently swapped over from Mint/Ubuntu it was honestly quite alarming hearing my PC speaker screech at me in-OS for the first time in years, haha!

Came to this thread looking for a way to turn it off, actually. And it was easy! Thanks @Frog!


IMO I’d rather Manjaro treat hardware failure the way Windows does.


This is always the first thing I do on a new install so it would be one less thing to do. It’s really fun when I forget to do it and I’m working late and accidentally trigger it. My laptop has an insanely loud pc speaker for some reason.


I am unable to locate a motherboard speaker, only see a tiny case speaker on my 11 year old Hp Compact 8300.


These are not part of the regular “event sounds” already handled by the DE?


I think all of that heavily depends on model… but whatdiknow.
It seems there is enough desire for it so I expect it will be default soon.


I see now why the request is to have it blacklisted because when I ran the command to remove the kernel module it didn’t get rid of the annoying sound blacklisting it was the only thing that worked globally on my system.