Proposal: Remove beep sound


I made a thread about changing this sound a while back but this thread is a proposal to remove it entirely. For those who don’t know what sound I’m referring to it’s enabled/disabled when you run the command xset -b I want to propose that it be completely removed from manjaro and all it’s flavors (DEs) I don’t feel it serves a purpose to ever be enabled. (which it is by default) When enabled before learning how disable it it made me jump and my heart race every time I backspaced too much or tried to tab-complete in the terminal. If you guys disagree please state your reasons. I strongly feel that removing it entirely would make the distro more pleasant as a whole. Plus I don’t think it’s a requirement to have by any Linux standards because I don’t recall debian based distros having a sound.


  • Disable PC speaker by default
  • Keep PC speaker on by default

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I 100% agree with that suggestion, and I completely understand the pain of this issue since I have a laptop that has a PC speaker.

It could be easily implemented by devs by adding a conf file in /usr/lib/modprobe.d or /etc/modprobe.d. I would put it in /etc, despite /usr/lib being more standard for default configuration file provided by packages, since this is a file that users may be interested to modify (especially if it’s reused in the future to blacklist more modules), and their first intuition do modify conf file is most likely to look at /etc first.

This file could be called something like “manjaro-blacklist.conf” and have the following contain:

#No more annoying beeps
blacklist pcspkr

Add it to manjaro-hotfixes package and that’s pretty much it.

This has been implemented in Ubuntu for years. It has been put in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and the content that solves the issue is:

# ugly and loud noise, getting on everyone's nerves; this should be done by a
# nice pulseaudio bing (Ubuntu: #77010)
blacklist pcspkr

That tells how much people hate that.

It has been suggested in the past, and a quick search in the forum tells that it isn’t the first time people complain about that PC speaker.


Thank you for agreeing with me!!! :smile: However I must admit I’m not sure the post you linked to backs this up because it sounds like that guy is referring to something else because he claims the issue doesn’t occur in firefox on kde which is not true if you do ctrl+f and search for something that isn’t there which is why I always disable it in the about:config as part of my setup rutine. (which I was taught how to do in another thread on here)


I’ve commented about it as well but nothing was addressed. I feel like pcspkr is the “arch way” at this point even though its only practical function is diagnosing bios trouble codes – which are very ambiguous in the first place. I also suspect more people don’t complain about it because the majority of people don’t even have one, outside of users who have pre-built oems or who are thoroughly-enthusiastic pc builders.


Could be. And many methods.

I worry about changing it because of those that rely on it in certain situations…

Though this is a hobby/desktop/user-focused distro … so it could make sense.
(its probably just old-school twitches that make me hesitant)

… Hm. I think it might be worth a poll.


Added poll to OP.


(I’m still on the side of default linux functionality being…default. And folks able to change it if they like)

[@LinuxLoverForever or @Strit do something to make the poll further up? link or edit or something ?]
[thanks :slight_smile:]



By that logic it affects few … and the few it affects will either appreciate it or not.
Given no other data this would be 50% of 50%
[assuming it affects half of everyone and half of them have an issue with it … both generous]
So we have 1/4 of manjaro users who may have a desire for this default at the very best.
Not the kind of numbers I like making sweeping changes off of.


I’m thinking of recycling all my pc speakers. Hear no evil, speak no evil :hear_no_evil::smile:


Well then they should be able to enable it.

Why are so many people voting to keep it on as default? I haven’t any good arguments for doing so.


1 - Its always been this way. Its the default. Its expected.
2 - It notifies of events … particularly helpful for errors.
3 - Negative repercussions are the minority.
4 - Easily changeable/worked-around for that minority.

…its a vote. I dont much like tyranny of the majority … but heres the metrics on the response to your proposal…



Understood. I was about to edit my last post and say that if it doesn’t get voted to be disabled it gives me more motivation to write setup assistant script I’m considering for the i3 DE. This put my mind at ease.

I originally didn’t think so when I made this thread but after learning about blacklisting I see why you say that. :slight_smile: Although I followed that article to rip the kernel module out. lol

Also I didn’t know it only affected dells. That sucks. (Yep I’m running manjaro on a dell laptop)


s/dells/general oems


It’s not because it has always been this way that it is a good situation and that it shouldn’t change.

With that logic, this Feature Request section is pretty much useless, since it exists to ask either changes or something new that isn’t implement yet in Manjaro, so it exists so we can ask to changes the defaults. Better remove it then.

Also, I’m surprised that people actually expects their computer to do some loud, screeching noise while doing work on it.

In the case of using an OS, in my experience, it has never notified anything really important?

  • Oh, I’m using backspace when there’s no string typed? Sorry I guess.
    By the way, for that kind of situation, X11 bells exists. If it was so important, it would have already been implemented in Manjaro since not everyone can be notified by the PC speaker. But it isn’t implemented.

  • (In XFCE) Oh, thanks for notifying me that I’m going to shutdown my computer.

If anyone know any really important use of the PC speaker while using the OS, please let me know. Beeping during POST doesn’t count by the way: blacklisting pcspkr only affects the use of the PC speaker by the operating system.

So the fix would please a minority of users while, as far as I know, not having any effect whatsoever on the majority of users. Good to know.

It’s not like the solution I suggested requires a complete overhaul of the system. Just needs two lines in a text file, build the package and put it in the core repository. It takes, at worst, 5 minutes to implement.

It is also easily implementable. If the majority of people affected by this problem just ends up configuring the system to disable the PC speaker anyway, I think it is appropriate to just implement a fix in Manjaro to begin with.

Mine is a Lenovo laptop.

So far, in this post and in the other Feature request post: I have not seen anyone asking to keep it because they loved it that way or actually expressed their need for it. I’ve seen either people who agree with the request, people who don’t understand the issue or don’t have it (indeed, it doesn’t affect everyone) and people who disagree because “you can do it yourself” so far.

And in the Ubuntu bug tracker, I see very few people that actually wants to keep the beeps. There has been people who didn’t want complete silence, but did want a replacement.


I agree … but its worth mentioning what has been the accepted default for everyone forever.

Yeah. For one, device plug/unplug (USB, Power, etc)


It doesn’t get triggered by usb plug-unplugg but even if it did I’d be fine if it didn’t. (in fact I’d prefer it didn’t) I don’t need to hear a sound to know that my usb device connected or disconnected. I can just look at the file manger.

Edit actually it doesn’t get triggered by either of those things and I;d prefer it didn’t.


Depends on your hardware. A bunch of lappies I’ve interacted with do this. For example if slightly unseated from dock or if the charger pulls out somehow. Or maybe a shared usb hub and getting a beep for a new device plugged in. But the one I’m using right now is silent without changing any config.
Whether or not you like it is different. Many people also ask me to turn it off :wink:


Case in point. Although I must say in my experience the only distros that make a sound when I plug-unplug a usb are debian/ubuntu based which disable this thing anyway.


heh. But this is also sorta what I mean. There isnt a reliable stasis that is true across all machines or systems. In which case we dont develop ‘for the minority’ but rather keep defaults and provide solutions for the few who A - are affected & B - want to change it.
If I were convinced that this
-affects many/majority of systems
-the majority of people want it different
Then I would more readily support a reasonable change.
But again, thats just my perspective, I dont personally much care if its one way or the other.


The point I was hinting to there is I think the usb plug/unplug sound is related to something since it’s disabled in debian distros but still occurs in them.

Also I don’t disagree with your minority/majority argument but as @Frog has pointed out that is arguably your only valid point. (which in a way is just stating the obvious)